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The Dazzling and Resplendent Rina by Zerone-Penguin The Dazzling and Resplendent Rina :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 2 0 Special Cupcakes by Zerone-Penguin Special Cupcakes :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 40 44 I found your droid by Zerone-Penguin I found your droid :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 10 15 Dapper Penguin by Zerone-Penguin Dapper Penguin :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 2 11
The way the world shall fall
"A tic for a tac and a part for us all,
These are the ways the world shall fall."
Parts are cast, parts are given,
Parts are asked for and parts are inherited,
But the ones that tie, the ones that bind,
Are the ones we allow ourselves to take.
This world is filled with what can and what cannot,
With that of which you dream, and that of which you forget,
But go farther down the rabbit hole Alice,
And you'll find what's truly real isn't quite what you think.
The train of thought has come and gone,
Picking up and dropping off those who know and those that don't,
Yet it's always the ones who show the potential to go beyond the norm,
that forget to buy a ticket.
The lone bunny, small and cute, roams the world alone
Trying to find his place in the world, some dream to live true
But it's when he stops and reflects on his life thus far,
That he realizes his journey has only just begun.
This has been hut one of many
From a long line of poems made from random thoughts
That should never have come
:iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 4 31
Penguin Lines by Zerone-Penguin Penguin Lines :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 2 21 Contour Drawing - Violin by Zerone-Penguin Contour Drawing - Violin :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 3 3
Death, taxes, and religion
Remember remember the 11th of September,
the boredom and depressing thought,
For I see no reason for the end of this season
to be thought of as naught.
And so the penguin comes back once more
to show everyone just what is in store
for the world we love, the world we hate,
and the ones we celebrate.
The was a time when I could listen to you whine
but that time has gone, and you say it's fine
you grabbed your coat and went
never once asking if I needed to vent.
The world is changing, of that I am sure
for every decision opens a new door
yet with what's been going on
I feel like life been beaten upon.
One road leads to riches beyond measure
another leads to normality, and golfers yelling 'Fore!'
but the one most take
is the one down which there's less choices to make
Because most people in life, they want to coast
they want to tube down the river skip the most
There's hardly anyone who fights for what they want
even if it is just a font (I love you dolphin, I will never forget you)
The ma
:iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 1 3
The Godly Mallow by Zerone-Penguin The Godly Mallow :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 1 16 Spider mouse . . . thing by Zerone-Penguin Spider mouse . . . thing :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 2 26 Angel Mountain by Zerone-Penguin Angel Mountain :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 2 7 Loque nahak is mine by Zerone-Penguin Loque nahak is mine :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 0 3 Work in progress, third done by Zerone-Penguin Work in progress, third done :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 1 4 new avatar by Zerone-Penguin new avatar :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 0 0 the penguin craze continues by Zerone-Penguin the penguin craze continues :iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 5 49
Zindarius' Charater Profile
Name: Zindarius  (Zinny for short)
Age: He looks to be about 24
Species: Human with a touch of Demon
Looks: He has black hair that at times has a red sheen to it, a semi-long goatee, a scar running across his right eye which has a red iris while the left is green, and his ears come to a slight point
Clothes: He wears a suit of black leather armor, a black cape, and top hat, all of which has the same properties as his hair
Background: Was part of group of humans and angels who went after a powerful demon called Satarrack, and was struck by spell that caused the scar over his eye and caused his soul to begin withering away.  The angel who healed him had to use a part of Satarrack's soul to make Zinny's complete, and transfered one of the demon's eyes into Zinny as well since his was destroyed by the spell.  He now has control over the demon's powers, though they are at a diminished level.  An unfortunate side effect of the tra
:iconzerone-penguin:Zerone-Penguin 0 7


Temple Guardian by TylerEdlinArt Temple Guardian :icontyleredlinart:TylerEdlinArt 2,017 51 Cake!!! by DAND-E Cake!!! :icondand-e:DAND-E 83 3 Howl's morning Breeze by sakimichan Howl's morning Breeze :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 23,816 831 Elf Girl portrait by sakimichan Elf Girl portrait :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,030 243 Hinata by sakimichan Hinata :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 24,885 857 Let's Draw by Rain-Gear Let's Draw :iconrain-gear:Rain-Gear 858 56 I won't die here by White-Mantis I won't die here :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 7,666 599 Penny Concept Art by Psuede Penny Concept Art :iconpsuede:Psuede 301 11 /co/lette again by Psuede /co/lette again :iconpsuede:Psuede 250 10 Foul Play by CrimsonBugEye Foul Play :iconcrimsonbugeye:CrimsonBugEye 4,936 1,196 Augmented by DimFann Augmented :icondimfann:DimFann 1,484 155 Something... by Zacatron94 Something... :iconzacatron94:Zacatron94 583 81 Bass Cannon Dance by muffinexplosion Bass Cannon Dance :iconmuffinexplosion:muffinexplosion 762 88 +Doodle Practice- SnK and OCs - Tumblr Log+ by goku-no-baka +Doodle Practice- SnK and OCs - Tumblr Log+ :icongoku-no-baka:goku-no-baka 4,423 105
Knights of Equestria: Part 1
A/N: I own nothing. I make no money from this writing.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Knights of Equestria part 1: the Night the Sky Burned
   The moon shone brilliantly, thought Twilight Sparkle, as she atop the balcony of her library home. Night had fallen on Ponyville and the rest of Equestria some hours ago, the blazing sun replaced by a full moon and countless stars, little pinpricks of light in a sea of deep blues, purples, and blacks. A faint wind rustled the leaves of her home, and if Twilight listened hard enough she could just make out a faint noise in the air; the combined sound of sleeping of all of Ponyville. Except for her, of course.
   A shooting star shot across the sky, and another content sigh left Twilight. She loved looking up at the sky on nights like this, clear and cloudless. It soothed an ache in her heart of hearts that she never felt during
:iconsolaris90:Solaris90 42 65
Ad A Clarior Futura BG by NCMares Ad A Clarior Futura BG :iconncmares:NCMares 637 38




I'll be working on a new site design today and testing out my Livestream account, maybe even a bit of drawing.  Come watch if you want.
  • Listening to: Turret Error
  • Reading: the code that I type
  • Watching: for mistakes in my code
  • Playing: with ideas for code
  • Eating: not much
  • Drinking: water and coke


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